Shutterfly Digital Scrapbooking Style
Use the new Shutterfly Digital Scrapbooking Style (digiscrap) to make photobooks in a jiffy!

50 free prints!

Shutterfly has just released a new photobook style for Digital Scrapbookers – see it in action here:

This style has full bleed photo spots for the cover spine, title page, and inside pages. So all you need to do is upload your layouts and drag them on.
If you want to learn more about printing with Shutterfly – why not join me for In Print.

Many digital scrapbookers are so excited to finish a scrapbook page that we never go back and print our layouts out to share with our friends and family.
Even though I loved the fact I could print out as many copies of my layouts as I liked, after two years scrapbooking I have never printed one page!
Once I finally bit the bullet and printed out my first photobook and my first set of 12×12 layouts, I was so excited. The pages looked so beautiful and how my family loved them. I ended up giving everyone their own 12×12 single layout as Christmas presents in 2009.
As my father-in-law looked at his – a layout about the last day in their old home (that no longer stands) – he couldn’t help but have a tear to his eye.
Have you seen the tears of joy as your loved ones leaf through the pages of a book you designed just for them?
As well as enjoying the photos and the story, I love that sharing my layouts with others helps them connect with my hobby and understand more about what I spend time doing on the computer.
Join me in January as I take you through the process of getting your layouts in print.
I’ll show you how to:
Proofread your layouts easily - don’t leave a typo in there!
Work out what printing specifications each printing company has - make sure your beautiful borders aren’t cut off
Prepare your layouts for print with actions - save fussing over the maths, and save time!
Upload your images - make sure your colours are true and clear
This workshop includes:
Access to the live workshop (27th January 8:30pm EST/28th January 9:30am West Aussie Time) to ask your questions
High Definition recording of the workshop
All the links and handouts mentioned in the workshop